Typography for the Web

Find 3 articles that discuss typography for the web.

What does the article detail, how is it helpful to your understanding of Web typography, and what did you learn by reading it?

Article I
Contrast is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. When pairing typefaces, it’s important to be able to tell that there are two distinct typefaces in play, but contrast has other uses as well. Very different typefaces can play off of each other in complementary ways or resist each other to create a bit of tension, while typefaces that appear too similar can weaken the message and confuse a design’s visual language.


Article II
To understand what web typography hierarchy is, we first need to understand clearly what a hierarchy is. Now a hierarchy is an arrangement of different classes, starting with highest position/most important at the top and the lowest position/ least important at the bottom. In society, as you go up the ladder of hierarchy, members of each one carry more stature and relevance than those at classes below it. For example take a look at your national government is organized. The political leader, or presiding royal family member depending on where you live, will always carry the most stature and social relevance than a district level government official, or someone low on the list to becoming the next ruling royal.


Article III
It is sometimes necessary to emphasize a word or phrase in a text to draw the readers’s attention to an important element of the content. Using italics is one of the best ways to do this, but designers may also choose to employ capitals, bold text, underlining, changes in type size or font, or use different colours.

Whichever style is selected, it’s best to keep to a single means of emphasis through all pages to avoid confusion and clutter.


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